non violent cadres - novica
Non Violent Cadres are a group of people who have undergone extensive training on the concept of Nonviolence and the use of it for developing a lifestyle and its skills and methods in resolving conflilcts.They are the hardcore of nonviolence and would stand up to all forms of challenges that face nonviolence as a lifestyle and a methods for nonviolence struggles and actions.

They would act as catalyst and mobilisers of nonviolence.
non violent messengers - novim
Non Violent Messengers are those who have undergone training in nonviolence, the importance of nonviolence in building a strong and peace society and who have been totally convinced of the concept. They are people would good, sound and clear knowledge of nonviolence and the power it has to transform a society from nature of violence to nonviolence. These groups of people will engage with the society in spreading the message of nonviolence and its power and convince more and more people to adopt nonviolence as a methods and as the only surest and sustainable way to achieve peace.
non violent action team - novat
This team would consists of the religious leaders of the major religions, one or two trained Nonviolent Cadres, and one or two members of the civil society. They would be intensive and in-depth training on handling various types of conflicts using nonviolent methods and religious teachings. They would engage in inter-religious and cultural dialogues to gain wider knowledge of different religions and their practices. Whenever a conflict occurs in a particular place and erupts into violence this NOVA TEAM will be rushed to the scene like a fire brigade to defuse the situation and avoid the development of violence.
the home of nonviolence
The Strategic Plan of SAMADANA/M that was prepared in the year 2003 brought out the following results:

1. Training on the concept of Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

2. Working towards the formationm of Nonviolenht Caderes who would act as the torch bearers and mobilisers of the community on promoting, working and acting for the cause of nonviolence.

3. Working to promote the concept of Nonviolence as a lifestyle.

4. Formation of AHIMSA SOCIETIES for different walks of life and needs in the society.

5. Facilitating a process towards the formation of a Nonviolent People's Movement that would eventually work towards a Nonviolent Society.

6. Expanding the pool of facilitators on NOnviolent Conflict Resolution.

7. Working towards the establishment of the following Long Term Projects:

The above results reflect the VISION and MISSION of SAMADANA/M.
what is the home of nonviolence and what will it constitute?
The HOME OF NONVIOLENCE is "the safe neutral space for different parties to discuss their problems" as spelled oout in our MISSION STATEMENT. Further it is a place for all religions and faith, where a space for all religions, faiths and beliefs would be provided that could equip itself with all resource of its relgions so that people from other faith could visit this space to gain knowledge about that religion. In this HOME OF NONVIOLENCE there would be one common space without any religious symbls but a place for performing any religious prayers, sermons, duties etc and that would be opent oa ll without any religious or any other barrier. This would provide an opportunity for people of other religions to learn about the religious performance of the others and begin to build and show respect to the beliefs of others. Also this HOME OF NONVIOLENCE will be a place for interfaith dialogue in order to identify the similarities and differences in each others faith and to learn from each other, in a nonviolent manner. From this HOME OF NONVIOLENCE there will spring out the teachings of Nonviolence of all religions, beliefs and faiths.

The HOME OF NONVIOLENCE would be constructed to suit a unique nonviolent atmosphere where different types of people can sit in common without feeling any differences. It goes with the saying
" I like a tree where different kids of birds can nest". This is what we want to achieve through this HOME OF NONVIOLENCE.

Ideally it would be nice to have a separate place only for this HOME OF NONVIOLENCE. Due to scarcity of a suitable land that we could get without any cost, either from the government or from elsewhere , it would be most suitable to combine the different needs that we currently have in one place and gradually separate once we get established. As such this HOME OF NONVIOLENCE will also accomodate THE SCHOOL OF NONVIOLENCE and the SAMADANA/M Office and the Resource Centre.

We have already purchased a piece of land to the extent of 20 perches in Tekkewatta in the village of Tennekumbura in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The next step is to draw out the plan for the HOME OF NONVIOLENCE complex, get the necessary approval and start the work of construction. It is estimated that the project would cost around 500,000 Euros.
the school of nonviolence
Today from many schools there are reports related to violence conflicts. These occur between the students, between the students and teachers and sometimes between the students and the community. Some of the end up as major issues and becomes violence in the community.

It is these students who end up at universities. Today in universities there are many cases of conflicts that are reported ending up with violence. Some of those who get engaged in these conflicts end up with their life.

THE SCHOOL OF NONVIOLENCE aims to bring up children who would be able to study under a nonviolent atmosphere from their pre-school level. They will be exposed to nonviolent games, nonviolent songs and the nonviolent way of handling conflicts. They would get an opportunity to practice nonviolent communication in their day to day life, the nonviolent economic dealings and be learning the art of nonviolent development. They would follow the normal school curriculum under a total nonviolent atmosphere with creativity towards a nonviolent society.

ALSO this School of Nonviolence would provided courses and Diplomas in the study of Nonviolence focused on Development, Economics, Moral Values, Spirituality, Lifestyle, Business ethics and many aspect that would be necessary to develop a nonviolent society. The school also would offer courses and training programmers in peace building and conflict resolution / transformation / management based on total nonviolence.
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